sequence count and sequence read


Hi all. I am doing my gut micriobiota analysis for the first time. I have imported my sequences and the results which I have got for the demultiplexed sequence count summary looks confusing to me.

First of all I want to ask that in the summary table (As attached), it is mentioned "sequences" through out the table.. However, I have imported my reads (forwards and reverse) to the system so it should be mentioned as reads summary? or is the word "reads" can be used interchangeably for the word "sequences". I mean do they both mean the same thing.
Because in most of the publication they have mentioned the word read and not sequences. For example the initial read count generated XXX reads/sample.

Kindly help me with this. This will really help me to perform my analysis further, as I am the only member in my group who is doing bioinformatics.

Thank you so much

Hi @Laura_bioinformatics and welcome to the forum!

Yes, in this case the terms can be used interchangeably.

More specifically, a "read" would be a specific type of a "sequence":

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