Saving files in Qiime2 via Oracle VM VirtualBox

Hello. I am brand new to using Qiime2 as well as using Oracle VM VirtualBox. I have to use VirtualBox because I am using a windows machine. When I create folders and download sequence files from our sequencing facility while in Oracle VM VirtualBox, where are these files actually being stored and how can I access them again? How can I get these files to be stored on my actual physical desktop computer using using Oracle VM VirtualBox?
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Hi @Lisa_Crummett! Thanks for writing to us! Have you had a chance to look at our guide for Setting Up Shared Folders in VirtualBox? A shared folder is like a portal between your virtual machine and your actual host OS (sounds like Windows in this case). By sticking your files in a shared folder, they will be logically stored on your Windows OS disk, but will be accessible to you in your QIIME 2 Virtual Machine.

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