samtools plugin

My group has recently started developing a QIIME2 plugin for samtools. We are using BAMFormat and BAMDirFmt from q2-types-genomics but it looks like the corresponding sam/cram formats have not yet been developed.

We are reaching out to the community to see if these formats being developed by any other groups, and if not to put our repository out there for anyone who is interested. One possibility would be to add these types to q2-types-genomics - would this be preferred over adding them to the repository we are developing?


Hey @mled,

welcome to the forum! We are excited to hear that you've been working on a plugin dedicated to samtools! :rocket:

It would be wonderful if you could add all those types into q2-types-genomics, as you suggested, so that we can keep them in one place for ease of reuse. Feel free to open any required PRs and we'll take it from there - thanks! :pray: