Samsung Chromebook Qiime2 Installation

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your assistance throughout this process. You are greatly appreciated. I have included all of the photos to show you what codes that I have entered into the terminal so far. The code for the installation appears to be complete but a new problem has come about.

The "conda list" code did not show a response. The "conda create --name myenv" code also did not work. The environment could not be activated and "numpy" could not be installed. I understand that I need an "environment" name but the generic code did not go through. I also understand that the "numpy" package can't be installed because the environment is not activated.

Hello @cedsham88.
I can try to install qiime2 on CromeOs on VM, if it is necessary.
But i'm not shure, if problem is reproducible under those conditions.
Regards, sn

Is that a logical solution to the problem. I ask because I just have to complete two or three more steps to complete the installation process. As you can see from the terminal photos above that the next steps would be to use the "/ .bashrc" code and "conda list" code. Any suggestions?

Hey @cedsham88,

Apologies for the delayed response! I don't think installing on a VM is necessary - we can still troubleshoot this from where you're at right now.

From the screenshots you've provided, it's unclear if anaconda was successfully installed. After you received the Anaconda3 will now be installed into this location:... message, did you press enter? And what was your intention behind accessing your .bashrc file? If you can provide context behind why you took these steps that will help me to better understand what we need to do next. Thanks!


I used the steps that you recommended for installation. That was the stopping point from your installation recommendations.