Sample metadata- Core metrics phylogenetic error


I'm working with sequenced-samples which I worked in a Miseq using two index adapter Nextera XT v2 Index Kit A. The problem appeared when I tried to run the core-metrics-phylogenetic plugin:

"Plugin error from diversity:

None of the sample identifiers match between the metadata and the coordinates. Verify that you are using metadata and coordinates corresponding to the same dataset."

I checked my sample-metadata.tsv with keemei and it's seems that the format is ok.

what's going wrong?

Thanks!! !sample_metadata_double_index

Hey there @leonardo467!

The Sample IDs in your metadata are not 100% matching your Sample IDs in your Feature Table provided as input to core-metrics-phylogenetic. Can you share your feature-table summarize results? You will almost certainly need to run the command sans metadata.


Hi @thermokarst!

Sorry for my late answer, I figured out that I make a mistake on my sample ID on my metadata.

In the computer of the MiSeq I labeled my samples as β€œ01,02,03…”. The problem was when I opened the metadata generated by the machine in Libre Office because my sample β€œ01” appeared as β€œ1” and so on. So when I run the command it appeared as if they were samples missing. I had to modify my metadata by writing the sample ID’s as text in order to be able to write β€œ01” in Libre Office. In that way qiime was able to detect my samples and perform correctly the analysis!

Thanks anyway!! :lizard:

Yep, this is consistent with what I mentioned above, your IDs must match exactly. Glad to see you got things cleaned up. Have fun!

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