sample-classifier regress-samples error: non-random forest options asking for another column in metadata

Hello, I’m trying to predict a numeric metadata column with sample-classifier regress-samples, it works perfectly fine with random forests, but I get the following error when trying Lasso, Ridge, Elastic net, and K nearest neighbors:

There was a problem with the command:
(1/1) Invalid value for ‘–m-metadata-file’: There was an issue with
retrieving column ‘KNeighborsRegressor’ from the metadata.

^this is the same message for all methods with the column name changing with whatever methods I try. Is there something I need to be adding to my metadata in order to use these methods?

Could you please post your full command and full error message? (run with --verbose)

From the sound of this error you might be making an error in writing the command. As you are using multiple estimators I am guessing that you might be looping over the options and something might be failing in the loop… I would need to see your full commands to be sure.

No, the interface and requirements remain the same for all of these estimators, and that includes how the metadata is handled. I think the mention of metadata in the message is actually a red herring.

Yeah it turns out I’m just a dummy and messed up something when trying to run a bunch of commands, fixed it! Thanks for the response, sorry about that

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