Research Scientist position at Northern Arizona University

Hi all,
The Caporaso Lab at Northern Arizona University is looking to hire a Research Scientist. This individual will contribute to microbiome data analysis, writing, outreach and advising projects in the Caporaso Lab, and will additionally have some project management and technical support responsibilities. If you're enthusiastic about microbiome bioinformatics and data science, this is a great opportunity to contribute to cutting edge analyses, get some good papers out on QIIME 2 and applications of QIIME 2, and to work directly with the QIIME 2 development team to see your ideas for analysis methods and visualizations make their way into new QIIME 2 plugins.

You can access the job ad directly here. (If that link doesn't work, you can also search for Job ID 606550 on this page.

Please feel free to share this job ad widely!