Rename samples fails when operating on a subset of samples that do not have duplicated values in replacement names


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I ran into an error trying to rename samples using the feature-table rename-ids method. I think it is due to there being duplicate values in the replacement IDs for samples that are not included in the feature-table, even though the samples I'm operating on do not have duplicated values in their specific metadata.

Plugin error from feature-table:

  All new ids must be unique.
  Try the "group" method in this plugin if you want to combine multiple ids in the same table.

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-jmitp9mz.log

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Hello @Lichen, that seems to be a likely cause for this issue. I've looked at the code, and it looks like you will need to remove the offending duplicates from the metadata you are passing into the command regardless of whether those samples are included in your artifact or not.

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Thank you for confirming! I think this might be a special case as I haven't run into something like this before. My general understanding of sample metadata in QIIME 2 is that it is robust to larger sets of samples than what is being operated on, however I'm not sure whether that should also consider something like this that is value specific.

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