Removing taxa "D_0__Eukaryota" from 18S rRNA library

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I am trying to remove the rate "D_0__Eukaryota;;;;;;;;;;;;;;" from my table but the following error appears:
Detected metadata ID that begins with a pound sign (#): '#q2:types'

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this from my 18S rRNA library? I will really appreciate any feedback.
I'm using the qiime2-2019.10 version and Silva database.
Below is my code:

qiime filter-table rate
--i-table table.qza
--i-taxonomy taxonomy.qza
--p-mode exact
--p-exclude "D_0__Eukaryota;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"
--o-filtered-table table_noeuka.qza

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Hey Manu,
Can you double check that code? What I normally use is:
qiime taxa filter-table --i-table Euk-sample-table.qza --i-taxonomy taxonomy.qza --o-filtered-table filtered-table --p-include "d__Eukaryota; p__"

You also might want to update to a more recent version than 2019.10, I'm not sure if that version predates #q2:types being added, which might be where the error is coming from.

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The error message (Detected metadata ID that begins with a pound sign (#): '#q2:types') seems to indicate that the problem may be with the way your metadata is formatted. Can you share your metadata file with us, @Manuela_Ramalho?

I believe column types arrived in early 2018 - here's the spec, and this topic has a simple example of what metadata should look like.

Thank you for all your help!
Works perfectly!!

All the best,

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