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Dear QIIME Team and Forum Members,

I am working with the QIIME1 data analyzed by the collaborators and doing downstream analysis with latest version of QIIME2. I was wondering if there is any way to extract the representative sequences from the feature-table.qza or taxa-table.qza that I have imported and converted in QIIME2 from filtered OTU table generated through QIIME1.

I look forward doing the phylogenetic and diversity analysis.

Thank You.


QIIME 2 cannot create the representative sequences if they did not already exist. If the OTU clustering and feature table generation were performed in qiime1, then there will need to be representative sequences (also generated by qiime1) that you will import to QIIME 2 for these analyses.

If your collaborators lost these then you can still do non-phylogenetic diversity analyses (e.g., use Bray Curtis distance instead of weighted UniFrac). See the qiime diversity core-metrics pipeline.

I hope that helps!


Dear Mr. Bokilich,

Thank You so much for the reply. I will look into the non-phylogenetic diversity analysis.
Parallely, I will be trying to perform OTU clustering in QIIME2 (as I have the access to the raw reads) and then generating the rep.sequences.

Thank you again.


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