Reference database (97%) for qiime vsearch cluster-features-closed-reference

Hi all!
I would like to know where could I get the 97_otus.qza from silva 138 :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!!

qiime vsearch cluster-features-closed-reference --i-table feature-table.qza --i-sequences rep-set.qza --i-reference-sequences 97_otus.qza --o-clustered-table closed-0.97-feature-table.qza --o-clustered-sequences closed-0.97clustered-seqs.qza --o-unmatched-sequences closed-unmatched-sequences.qza --p-perc-identity 0.97 --p-strand both --p-threads 15

Hi @PatoUru,

You will need to make it yourself! We supply a set of files that we pre-processed with RESCRIPt, including the SILVA 138 99% reference files on the Q2 data resources page, which you can use as a starting point.

This tutorial describes how we prepared those files, as well as how you could prepare the 97% OTUs. You should be able to just re-cluster the 99% OTUs to generate a 97% OTUs file, see the command in this section:


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