Reduce sample after deblur denosing

I have 60 sample, after denosing with deblur reduced 42 sample, What could be the reason? I try Again with dada2 and reduce 30 sample

Hi @Rm733,
You are probably losing samples because all of their sequences are being filtered out. deblur and dada2 output logs and/or “stats” files that give information on number of inputs, outputs, and reads lost at each stage. I recommend looking at those files and the quality profiles of the input sequences to better understand where/why reads are being lost.

Good luck!

In deblur log write removed 23 sample with Read per Sample fewer than 1 and… What is the reason, can we disable this

@Rm733 - please share the deblur stats file (by running, and also your demux summarize visualization. These will help us get a more clear picture of what you’re experiencing. Thanks!

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