Readind qza file from old qiime2 version


is there a way to read a qza file generated using ‘2018.11’ version from ‘2018.6’ version ?

thank you –

Hey there @lmanchon!

For context, 2018.8 saw a change in the Archive format (so that we could save checksums in QIIME 2 outputs). QIIME 2 has a backwards compatibility guarantee — any older Artifacts are able to be read into a more recent version of QIIME 2. What you are proposing though is the opposite, you want to read a newer Artifact into an older release. We don’t make any guarantees for “forwards compatibility” at present, so no, there is no way for you to read a newer Artifact into an older release (this makes sense, right? How can the old version of the software know about or understand the new version?).

The simplest solution is to install 2018.11 (you can keep that alongside 2018.6, if you want).

Ok thank you.There could have been an idea to get around the problem (i know in some tools you can, by modifing some headers)

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