re-installing qiime

Hello–I am re-installing qiime and receiving the following error (after updating conda):

ERROR: Encountered corrupt package tarball at /Users/adinsmoor/opt/miniconda2/pkgs/deblur-1.1.0-py_2.tar.bz2. Conda has left it in place. Please report this to the maintainers of your package. For the defaults channel, please report to

(base) vpnpool-10-251-23-232:~ adinsmoor$ # OPTIONAL CLEANUP

In the past I tried to remove and re-install but that hasn’t worked either.

Thank you!

Hey there @adinsmoor!

No worries, these things happen from time to time (especially when networks are instable).

I would suggest running conda clean --all to remove the offending package.

Can you be more specific? What did you try to remove, deblur? A QIIME 2 env? conda?

I was trying to remove the conda. Running the conda clean --all got me working again!

Thanks again @thermokarst !

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