Qurro: provide a list of Taxa to exclude from selection

Hi @fedarko,

I am using Qurro with Songbird for microbial community analysis. Thank you for creating such a nice tool to visualize the Songbird output! I’ve looked at the Qurro tutorials and the Qiime2 forum and Github issues page, but I cannot seem to find the answer to my question:

Is it possible to provide a list of taxa (e.g., g__Ferrovum; g__Geobacter) and select all features excluding the list of taxa? I tried to do this using the “is provided, and does not contain the text” option with “Taxa”, but upon applying the filter, all features end up being selected.

Thank you!

Hi @nancy-merino,

Thanks for the kind words. That functionality isn’t available in Qurro as of writing (the is provided, and does not contain the text stuff doesn’t split up its input text, so it’s only useful for filtering out things like a single taxon at a time), but I’ve opened an issue regarding this here.

In the meantime, doing more complicated log-ratio selections like this will probably require some manual programming in order to load your data and do feature filtering manually. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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