Question about the explanation about the pairwise difference boxplot from qiime longitudunal pairwise-differences?

Dear QIIME2 Community,

I have some one question about this plot (pairwise-differences.qzv (297.6 KB) )

How to understand the meaning of Difference in shannon (month 12 - month 0)? why is there a value less than 0?

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Hi @Nanaaaaa ,
I recommend reading the qiime 2 documentation / tutorial and paper about q2-longitudinal to learn more about this action. Also see the help documentation by typical this into your terminal: qiime longitudinal pairwise-differences --help

Based on the results you shared, you are measuring the difference in shannon diversity between each subject at 12 months, and the same subject at 0 months.

Because those subjects' shannon diversity values are higher at 0 months than at 12.

Good luck!

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