Qiime2Picrust2_ KO value relative abundance analysis

Hi Everyone,

I am working in Qiime-2-Picrust2Qiime2Picrust_Analysis_Steps_kd1653_help.txt (5.3 KB)


I want to determine the relative abundance of KO values to find which genes/enzymes /proteins are different among groups. How could it be correlated with microbiome data?

And also how can I determine the gene category level 1, 2, or 3?

I have ko_metagenome.qzv, ec_metagenome.qzv, rarefied_table.qzv, table.qzv, feature-table.tsv and other related files (eg., jaccard emperor, bray curtis emperor) at hand.

Do you have any idea about how to proceed with these analyses?

Thanks in advance.

I am curious about this help post. Previously I have posted it with a similar name and problems. Now I have come up with more detail about the query (visual output and other files).
It would be really great if I can get a reply .

Any idea from anybody?