QIIME2 view seems not to be compatible to the newest version of Firefox

Hello, I am trying to use the online version of QIIME2 view at https://view.qiime2.org/. But I got an error message for incompatible browser. I am using the latest version of Firefox. Please check if you could fix the problem or you would suggest we stick to old version of Firefox or just use Chrome.
Thank you!

Hi @wangj50 — I just double-checked, view.qiime2.org is working for me on Firefox 57.0.4, which I believe is the latest production version of Firefox. What version of Firefox are you running? Also, are you using a Private Session? If so, that won’t work with view.qiime2.org, as Private Browsing disables some browser functions needed for the site to work correctly (e.g. Service Workers). Thanks! :t_rex:

Hi @thermokarst, apparrently I made a mistake my is Firefox ESR at 45.7.0. I don’t know what ESR means. This is a new computer and I thought I just installed Firefox. I was wrong, I’ll try to update the Firefox to the regular version and see if it helps. Thank you for your quick reply.

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