Qiime2 View Not Compatible w/ Latest Firefox 90.0.2

Below is the screenshot of the problem I am encountering

The same version of Firefox is working well with Qiime2 view (Linux).
Did you try another qzv file or the same file but with another browser?


The issue I am encountering is not with having the qzv load, but rather just having the webpage load in general. I have tried it in safari and view.qiime2 loads perfectly fine. However, I would prefer to use firefox for this.

I definitely understand wanting to use Firefox over Safari! What macOS version are you running? It loaded fine for me on 11.4 and Firefox 90.0.2 just now. I may try the new macOS update and try it again.


You may want to check your browser settings as well, if you have Settings > Privacy & Security > "Delete cookies and site data when closing Firefox" checked, then you will need uncheck it or add an exception for view.qiime2.org. It needs to be able to create a service worker and can't make one if this option is selected.


Mac OS version 11.5.1 (20G80) with Firefox 90.0.2

and @Keegan-Evans your solution worked! Thank you!!!! =]


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