qiime2 view links failing

Hello, I have recently been having errors with viewing new dropbox links via qiime2 view. Interestingly, I am getting the error -

Error: Network error, recieved 503 from server.

on chrome and firefox, and the error -

TypeError: Load failed

on safari. I am getting this error for all possible qiime2 artifacts that I am copying to dropbox. Here is an example dropbox link that fails -
Dropbox - model_summary_new.qzv - Simplify your life.
My old drop box links work fine, it appears that dropbox has changed their links at the start of June.
Old link example -
Dropbox - model_summary.qzv - Simplify your life

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Hi @bvan-tassel,

Thanks for reaching out! This is interesting - these links do have a different structure. It looks like the second (older) link that you provided is for the exact same file, is that correct? Is the process for getting these shared links any different on your end than it was before?

Yes, these are the same file.

I believe the process is the exact same, just drag and drop to dropbox. Perhaps a clue is that dropbox changed their links recently - https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Create-upload-and-share/Shared-Link-quot-scl-quot-to-quot-s-quot/td-p/689070.

Hey @bvan-tassel,

Thanks for sharing this thread, this is super helpful context. Someone else just submitted this issue on Github for the exact same problem, and it certainly seems like the culprit is the new Dropbox link structure.

We will investigate this on our end and see what we can do to get this resolved, as this shared link is something that a lot of QIIME 2 users do utilize. I'll keep this post queued and provide you with any updates as they become available. Thanks for your patience with this!


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Happy to report that this has been fixed! You should be able to use either style of dropbox shareable link.