Qiime2 View in iFrame gives 'page not found error

Hello @tomasz and I were attempting to display a .qzv in a Jupyter notebook using an IFrame and the following code snippet:

import IPython
url = ‘https://view.qiime2.org/visualization/?type=html&src=https%3A%2F%2Fdl.dropbox.com%2Fs%2Fgs7yjssl5xk0xb5%2Fmerged_kraken_phylum_table.qzv%3Fdl%3D1
iframe = ‘’

Running this in an active Jupyter notebook works great, but when we saved the notebook as an html file (target audience is non-technical) and opened in in Chrome to verify performance we got an odd message that the “Page was not found”.

The qzv is definitely recognized and the hyperlinks are good because we can view provenance and peek, but the actual visualization does not display anything other than the Qiime2View logo and menus at the top and the error message.

Anyone run into this before and/or know of a workaround?

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Hi @adswafford,

This sounds pretty strange.

Is this within the Jupyter iframe? So q2view loads, is rendered and can read the file (showing provenance/peek), but the q2view iframe is somehow not getting it’s data from the service worker.

Could you describe more where the notebook is being viewed from? Is it a running server, nbviewer, github, another service?

Also, if you are familiar with web-debugging, does the network dev-tool in your browser show anything interesting when this fails?

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