Qiime2 Images Export

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Firstly, thank you for reading this question and helping me in advance.

I am using QIIME 2 for my analysis. I have multiple samples and i am automating the entire process but i am unable to export all the images. Please do let me know how to convert the artifacts into images directly by using the qiime2 scripts or any other program so that i do not need to open the vizualization files and export the images manually.

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Hello Rahul,

Welcome to the Qiime 2 forums! This is a great technical question.

You have probably discovered the dev docs areadly, but the basics of qiime 2 artifacts are covered there.

If I were building a highly automated pipeline around Qiime 2, I would use the Qiime 2 artifact API to access the data inside each artifact, and build graphs using seaborn or plotly.

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for! If not, let us know what you had in mind for your automated pipeline.