QIIME2 docker exiting with code 132

Hi, I am using QIIME2's parent image as the base for one of my dockerfiles:

FROM quay.io/qiime2/core:2023.5

However, when it's started, it crashes immediately with the container exiting with exit code 132. No error logs were generated by the container. This problem only happens for Qiime versions 2021.11 and newer.

I've asked on the Docker Community Support forums and they suggest checking with the maintainers of the QIIME docker image as to what the error code means. Here is the relevant post: Docker container stops immediately after start up with exit code 132 - #2 by rimelek - General Discussions - Docker Community Forums

@skw there is some behind the scenes discussion going on about this right now, but nothing has come of it yet, though based on the discussion in your other post, it may be related to the CPU in your machine.

Thanks for the response @Keegan-Evans. Do you suspect it could have something to do with the issue in my other post? I'm able to get up to version 2022.2 working in the other post, while for docker it's failing at 2021.11 so that's why I originally thought they might be two different issues at play.

Hey @skw,

Yeah it almost certainly is the same issue as here:

As docker isn't a virtual machine (which would have virtual hardware, but same instruction set), or an emulator (which would interpret a different instruction set for your hardware), but instead more of a "jailed process" it will end up having the same issues as a normal install would.

You might try the intel dev-kit or QEMU (which are emulators and may be able to virtualize the AVX instructions your CPU doesn't support) if you need this to work on your computer today. Otherwise waiting a bit for us to get this sorted on our end (or getting a newer computer if possible for your situation) is your best bet.

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