qiime2 demuxed sequences / barcode

i have 20 samples and use cutadapt demux-paired to spilt data
the barcode information like this

but actually i only get 10 samples from this software like this
and why ?

Hi @hey
It sounds your metadata is not well-organized! The third column involves some identical barcode sequences and I see same story in the second column for example samples rep10 and rep 20 have the same sequences! It made the software confusing to identify correctly your samples, in my view. I think it is the point!

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hello , excuse me
i have 20 samples and the barcode information like this

and i use the
but actually i only get 10 samples from the command

and why
thanks for you answer
Good lucky

sorry the command like this

Thanks for the more info. Please wait for the skillful admins to come to you. Anyway, I have expressed my opinion above.
Good luck

Hey there, @hey! :wave:

As @TurboQiimer pointed out, many of your samples are being mapped to the same barcodes. Some questions I have are:

  • What version of QIIME 2 are you using? Can you please share the output of qiime info?
  • What indexing strategy was used to produce this data? Here are a couple of links to help you answer this question:

Once we have more information, we can determine whether you should run cutadapt w/ different options or if you’re barcodes file is suspect.

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