qiime2 2022.11 installation error

(base) username:~$ wget https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml
--2023-01-19 12:53:00-- https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml
Resolving data.qiime2.org (data.qiime2.org)...
Connecting to data.qiime2.org (data.qiime2.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 FOUND
Location: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qiime2/environment-files/master/2022.11/release/qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml [following]
--2023-01-19 12:53:00-- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qiime2/environment-files/master/2022.11/release/qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml
Resolving raw.githubusercontent.com (raw.githubusercontent.com)...,,, ...
Connecting to raw.githubusercontent.com (raw.githubusercontent.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 14696 (14K) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml.4’

qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-con 100%[=================================================>] 14.35K --.-KB/s in 0.002s

2023-01-19 12:53:01 (7.32 MB/s) - ‘qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml.4’ saved [14696/14696]

(base) username:~$ conda env create -n qiime2-2022.11 --file qiime2-2022.11-py38-linux-conda.yml

Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): failed

UnavailableInvalidChannel: HTTP 404 NOT FOUND for channel biocnda https://conda.anaconda.org/biocnda

The channel is not accessible or is invalid.

You will need to adjust your conda configuration to proceed.
Use conda config --show channels to view your configuration's current state,
and use conda config --show-sources to view config file locations.


I am trying to install QIIME2 2022.11 using Windows WSL. I have downloaded miniconda as instructed. However, I get the above error when trying to create the conda env. Can you please assist me?


There is a typo in channel name. Should be "bioconda".



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