QIIME1/QIIME2 Question

Good morning!

I recognize that QIIME1 is no longer supported, so if there is no answer to my question, I completely understand. I am attempting to download and run QIIME1 to analyze some 16S data because we are wondering whether or not the bacteria will be classified the same as they are in QIIME2. We have an unknown organism popping up consistently in our samples, and we want to see if QIIME1 classifies it the same way.

I'm running into a lot of roadblocks attempting to download QIIME1 and finding tutorials. Again, I know that it is unsupported, but does anybody know if it is even possible to download and run QIIME1 at all?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @ThatGuySam,

AFAIK, most users of QIIME 1 used the -rdp option of assign_taxonomy.py. Which essentially wraps the naive bayes RDP classifier. See the links to the various tutorials and install instructions.

RDP has been replaced in :qiime2:, with a native python implementation of naive bayes using scikit-learn via feature-classifier.

My suggestion would be to simply run the RDP classifier tool directly. Then you should be able to make the comparisons you'd like. There are also some tools in RESCRIPt, that may help with these comparisons.



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