QIIME workshop day 3 feed

For you edification and enjoyment:


Hi Justine @jwdebelius,

Will you keep the livestream video until the next day’s workshop for people to catch-up? I remember Matthew said this during yesterday’s workshop, or maybe not?


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Hi Claire, Can you video above? I can’t open it, said it is private.

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I cannot open it. And I can’t find any videos in the YouTube channel neither.

Yes me too…Same problem…Says the video is private.

There was a specific issue with one of the videos available to paid attendees.

The live stream runs during the workshop, there are plans to make the video content available in 2021.

It says that the video is private. So unable to play this. Please look into it and help.
Thanks very much.
Best regards.

Hi all, I am going to lock this thread, that way we stop generating notifications for so many people - please post your support questions in the “User Support” category - thanks!