qiime tools view 'Viewing visualization failed while attempting to open'

I am trying to launch graphical windows via qiime tools view and get the error:

$ qiime tools view qiime/ceradsc_taxa-bar-plots.qzv
Viewing visualization failed while attempting to open /tmp/qiime2-archive-lzzk8h29/963000ed-1768-457c-845f-a7a5ad3af151/data/index.html

I imagine this is most likely a WSL config problem, but cannot find a way to show a more detailed version of the problem or what qiime does with temp files. In the linux partition \\wsl$, the /tmp/qiime2-archive-lzzk8h29/963000ed-1768-457c-845f-a7a5ad3af151/data/index.html file doesn’t exist, and indeed the whole qiime2 temp folder is not there. Can I specify a tmp path with qiime tools view?


qiime2-2020.8 installed via conda 4.8.4
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on WSL2
Windows 19041.572

Hello @Robert_Butler,

I believe that temporary .html file only exists while qiime tools view is active, so it isn’t too surprising that you aren’t seeing it in your tmp folder. I’m not entirely sure what issue you’re having here, but I am also inclined to say it is a wsl configuration issue. For the time being, you can use the webapp here to view your visualizations. Using this webapp doesn’t upload your visualizations to a server anywhere or anything, it just does the same thing qiime tools view would normally do.

Thank you

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