qiime tools view in WSL "viewing visualization failed while attempting to open'

I'm getting the error message: Viewing visualization failed while attempting to open /tmp/qiime2/ktaylo363/data/70617dfd-b77c-41f4-b136-0b23e6594c46/data/index.html when trying to run the command qiime tools view demux.qzv in the moving pictures tutorial

  • Using qiime2 version 2023.5, using linux and conda in WSL

I have searched for the problem on the forum and did find someone had posted about a similar issue and the advice was that it is most likely a wsl configuration issue and to use the webapp (https://view.qiime2.org/) to view visualizations. Just wondering if there is any updated advice on this?


Hi @katiataylor, I think this still may be the best advice. I don't use WSL myself, so I've pinged the other moderators to see if someone who has more experience with it than I do has other input.

Generally speaking though, unless you don't have an internet connection, view.qiime2.org is a better tool for viewing QIIME 2 results as it allows you to open multiple results at once (in different browser tabs) and allows for viewing of data provenance.

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