qiime tools view can not display a full screen using firefox

I have installed a firefox browser using conda
when I try using command qiime tools view sequences.qzv(which is generated by qiime demux summarize),I could only get a half-screen display and I can not change the tab to interactive quality plot
Plus the sequences.qzv is fine with view.qiime2.org.

half screen as u can see ,but the browser scroll bar on the right side is fine

I unzip sequences.qzv , check all three .html and only index.html is half screen.
firefox index.html
firefox overview.html
firefox quality-plot.html

Enviroment: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Xshell6 and Xmanager6
Firefox 45.7.0

I have checked the same topic but i could not fix it by myself since I barely got any error infomations.
Need ur help guys!

By update to the newest version of firefox(68.0.2)
The incoompatibility automatically solved :grinning:

Glad you got it working! I’ve marked it as resolved!

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Thank you for using Qiime 2 and participating on the forums.


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