qiime tools import -> Illegal instruction


I am running Qiime2 2023.2 version on VirtualVox Debian 11 Bullseye (64bit), and when I try to see all the importable types or importable formats I have the same error.

qiime tools import --show-importable-formats
Illegal instruction

This also happen with

qiime tools import --show-importable-types
Illegal instruction


Hello @AHdR,

What is your output when you use the either the qiime tools list-types or qiime tools list-formats command?

Hi @colinvwood ,

The output is:

Illegal instruction


Hello @AHdR,

We realized that this might be related to this issue. Could you check out that thread and see if it's any help?


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Hello @colinvwood,

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately I have not been able to correct this error.

Because I urgently need to analyze some data, until this bug is resolved, I will use qiime2 in the R environment.

Keep in touch.

Hi @AHdR,

Can you try installing the latest version of QIIME 2 (2023.5) and see if that resolves your issue?

Cheers :lizard:

Hi @lizgehret ,

Yes I installed the last version and I am still have the same problem.

Finally, I decided to use the wsl2-ubuntu option in windows11 and installed qiime2 natively; and it works perfectly.
And in my opinion this is a best option than use virtual machine, because analysis run faster.

Thanks for your advice.

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