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Dear QIIME 2 forum,
I am a starter in this QIIME data and for 3 months I have been trying to learn some basics through tutorials, and also familiarizing with the command line.
When I attempted to follow the Parkinson’s Mouse Tutorial, just on the start almost, haha :sweat_smile: and i got this below :point_down: :point_down:

qiime metadata tabulate \

–m-input-file metadata.tsv
–o-visualization metadata.qzv
/usr/bin/qiime: 47: exec: /usr/lib/qiime/bin/metadata.py: not found

I wonder if it could an error installation of QIIME 2 (on Virtual box)
Saviour D

Welcome to the forum, @DRALABU_SAVIOUR!
I suspect you might be correct that this is an installation or environment issue. Let’s see if we can confirm that.

I think metadata tabulate is the first command in that tutorial; are you able to run other QIIME 2 commands? Try running qiime info, and pasting the output of that command into your response here.

Chris :microbe:

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@ChrisKeefe Thank you, all other commands didn’t workout but I had to download another disk(Virtual Box machine) and install again, and I managed to follow the most recent workshop
thanks alot


Glad to hear you got things up and running, @DRALABU_SAVIOUR!


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