qiime feature-table filter-features-conditionally

I amtrying to filter those taxa that are present in less that 25% of my samples at a frequency less than 0.01%.
I used the command qiime feature-table filter-features-conditionally, but it did not wors *see below the error message.
How can I proceed?
Thank you very much

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    qiime feature-table filter-features-conditionally
    --i-table table.qza
    --p-abundance 0.0001
    --p-prevalence 0.75
    --o-filtered-table table-prevalent.qza \

  • What is the exact error message?
    Error: QIIME 2 plugin 'feature-table' has no action 'filter-features-conditionally'.

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Hi @favaf,

Welcome to the :qiime2: forum! Thank you for going through the checklist so carefully!

I know filter-features-conditionally was added recently, so its possible its not in that qiime2 release. (I dont remember which version exactly.) You can check all the commands in the feature-table plugin by running

qiime feature-table

If the function isn't included in the plugin, you may need a later version.


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Dear Justine,
yes, that might be the problem. When I run the help function on the feature-table command I did not find the option filter-features-conditionally.
I might try and see if it works when installing a more recent version.
My current version is qiime2-2020.8.
Thank you very much for your suggestion!

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