qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic getting empty results

Hello everyone,

I'm working with 16s ASV paired-end data files to determine bacterial communities in varying soil samples.
For the start of my project i've created a subset of two samples, i've picked up the "Moving Pictures" tutorial after the table/sequence generation (my sequences were OTU clustered de-novo at 97% and frequency filtered due to a high amount of singletons).
My table, sequences and metadata appear to be in order, but when i run the following command:

qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic --i-phylogeny mafft_results/rooted-tree.qza --i-table Data/97-filtered-table.qza --p-sampling-depth 1000 --m-metadata-file sample-metadata-sub.tsv --output-dir core-metrics-results

I get empty plots from the generated .qzv files, just a black background with no axes. The closest topic i've found was the following: empty barplot at the end - #14 by thermokarst which suggests something is causing everything to be filtered out / nothing passing the metadata filter, but it doesn't offer a concrete solution.

I'm stumped at what's causing the problem, i've attached my table, metadata and rooted tree as well as one of the qzv files for reference. It may be something obvious but any help is welcome right now. I'm running QIIME2 version 2019.7
97-filtered-table.qza (354.9 KB) 97-filtered-rep-seqs.qza (1.1 MB) sample-metadata-sub.tsv (180 Bytes) rooted-tree.qza (416.0 KB)
bray_curtis_emperor.qzv (814.0 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Wouter Schuiten

I think that the problem is that you have only two samples in your table

Hey @timanix thanks for your reply. I will run a new batch with 9 samples. I’ll report on it tomorrow

This was indeed the problem, i’m glad it was a simple solve. Thanks for your input :stuck_out_tongue:

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