Qiime demux summarize error with NextSeq data

Hi @ylor,

Do you have some reference sequences (and their associated taxonomy)? Also, what is your target amplicon here? There are some other options that don’t require training a classifier like:

  classify-consensus-blast    BLAST+ consensus taxonomy classifier
  classify-consensus-vsearch  VSEARCH consensus taxonomy classifier

Just to clarify, classify-consensus-blast is taxonomy assignment. As far as comparing OTU picking this tutorial is what you’ll want to look at.

Since the input is just a feature-table and some representative sequences, you actually have two ways you can do this:

  • You can either do dereplication (and chimera checking) directly on your SampleData[Sequences...] (similar to QIIME 1).

  • or you can perform OTU picking on your DADA2 ASVs.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive either, so you could try both as well.

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks @ebolyen.

I figured as much that those would be the possible routes for me to take. Having never generated my own reference sequences and taxonomy file, I am not sure what is all required in each of these files. Is there a specific format that the reference sequences need to be in? Can it just be a file containing fasta sequences downloaded from NCBI? How would I generate a corresponding taxonomy file? Can you provide me a little more guidance on how to generate properly generate these files so they are QIIME2 compatible?

Also, I am using several markers: 12s, 16s, coi and cytb. Would it be easier to generate a separate reference database per gene?

Thank you for bearing with me and answering all my questions!

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