qiime deblur denoise-other error

Dear QIIME2 team,

I am using the commands below (Qiime2-2021.4) to process ITS data with the deblur algorithm. However, I am having an error while using:
qiime deblur denoise-other
It exits with non-zero status 1.

I am attaching the error file here. q2deblur_other_error.txt (6.9 KB)

Here's the commands that I use:

qiime tools import \
--type 'SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality]' \
--input-path $INP \
--input-format CasavaOneEightSingleLanePerSampleDirFmt \
--output-path demux-ITS.qza
qiime cutadapt trim-paired \
--i-demultiplexed-sequences demux-ITS.qza \
--p-cores 24 \
--o-trimmed-sequences trimmed-seqs_ITS.qza \
qiime itsxpress trim-pair \
--i-per-sample-sequences trimmed-seqs_ITS.qza \
--p-region ITS2 \
--p-taxa F \
--p-threads 24 \
--o-trimmed trimmed_demux_ITS_deblur.qza \
qiime quality-filter q-score \
--i-demux trimmed_demux_ITS_deblur.qza \
--o-filtered-sequences demux-filtered-deblur.qza \
--o-filter-stats demux-filter-stats-deblur.qza
qiime deblur denoise-other \
--i-demultiplexed-seqs demux-filtered-deblur.qza \
--i-reference-seqs unite-ver8-seqs_99_s_all_02.02.2019.qza  \
--p-trim-length 237 \
--p-jobs-to-start 24 \
--o-representative-sequences rep-seqs-deblur.qza \
--o-table table-deblur.qza \
--o-stats deblur-stats.qza \

I would be happy to hear your suggestion.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @ezgi,

Apologies for the delay here! Thanks for providing all of those details as well as the error logs. Here's what I found:

Found blank or whitespace-only line before '+' in FASTQ file

Here's another forum post that addresses this same error - I'd recommend trying a couple of the suggestions provided there as a starting point. If you are still unsuccessful, let me know and we will investigate further!


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