QIIME 2 Weekly Developer Meeting: 2017.04.07

This is the thread for the weekly developer discussion meeting on 2017.04.07.

Meeting date/time: 2017.04.07, 8pm-9pm UTC +0000.

Note: Meeting times are reported in UTC. Therefore, your local meeting time may shift depending on your timezone’s observance of daylight savings time.

Planned Agenda

Status Updates (1-2 min per person)

  • Caporaso Lab
  • Other attendees

Guided discussion (remainder of scheduled meeting time)

  • This list to be updated prior to the meeting to reflect the questions/discussion points proposed in this forum thread

To help us make the best use of everyone’s time please post any discussion topics to this thread before the developer meeting. This will help us identify and prepare for any questions/topics ahead of the call. Topics or questions of discussion are open to anyone, developers or users, but we ask that these discussion points be limited to thematic QIIME 2 questions (e.g. feature proposal, plugin idea, etc.) — we will not be able to provide technical support during these calls.

The developer meeting will be recorded and posted to YouTube, we will update this post with the streaming video link shortly before the meeting.

YouTube Link: TBD

If there are no discussion topics posted by 2017.04.06, 11pm UTC +0000, we will announce a meeting cancellation and share our status updates on this thread.

Hi all, Since there were no agenda items posted this week we’re canceling tomorrow’s meeting. We’ll follow up with our updates and have the announcement for next week’s meeting posted shortly.

Updates from CI/CD/DevOps-land (@thermokarst, @jairideout, and @ebolyen):

We’re getting pretty close to completely automating and testing our releases.

As a consequence we’re expecting that we’ll do monthly releases while we’re in alpha (until the end of 2017) so that we don’t need to handle patches and branching unless absolutely required. We hope this will encourage everyone to use the latest releases, promoting better iteration on QIIME 2. We may phase in branching and patches before alpha is finished, but it would just be to get some practice with it.

We’re hoping we can demo this next Friday, so we’ll probably post a dev-meeting agenda item for next week’s thread. Some of the ways we’ve managed to automate the conda-builds will require a slight change to plugin repository structure. We’ve got a fork of the QIIME 2 GitHub org with all of these changes already finished, so you can expect a number of PR’s in the next week.

We’re planning on releasing 2017.4 late next week, so please get changes in by Monday (2017-4-10), if you want those changes included in this release, but there will be another release in May.

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