QIIME 2 Studio instalation error using Node js

I installed the latest version of Node js and was trying to install QIIME 2 Studio. I was following the https://docs.qiime2.org/2.0.6/interfaces/q2studio/ instruction.

by using this command

curl -s https://codeload.github.com/qiime2/q2studio/zip/0.0.6 -o q2studio-0.0.6.zip

i get the below error

SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

I am new to this commond line installatoin. I shall be glad to receive instruction to install QIIME 2 Studio

Hi @Muhammad,
Sorry for the trouble that you’re having with this. I think the best option for you is to try following the instructions again when the QIIME 2 2017.2 release is available. We’re working on the release today, and expect that the website will be updated with the new instructions within about 12 hours. As part of this new release we have re-written parts of the installation documentation, including this step that you’re having trouble with. We’ll be posting an announcement on the QIIME 2 Forum when this is ready, so you can watch for that and then retry the installation with the new documentation.