QIIME 2 pre-print is now live and citable!

(Q2-D2) #1

Dear community,

We are very pleased to announce that a pre-print describing QIIME 2 has been published in peerJ pre-prints: https://peerj.com/preprints/27295/

This manuscript has been submitted for publication elsewhere, but in the meantime please cite this pre-print if you use QIIME 2 in your work.

We would like to thank the many community members who contributed to QIIME 2 directly, and to the forum community for using QIIME 2. Thank you for your support!

XOXO :qiime2:

Paper use the qiime2 version
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Citing Qiime 2 in publication
QIIME 2 method section for publication