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:books: :books: :books: QIIME 2 Library: https://library.qiime2.org :books: :books: :books:

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new tool created by the QIIME 2 team, known as the QIIME 2 Library! :balloon: :tada: :fireworks: :champagne: QIIME 2 is a community-driven project, and this new "plugin registry" (phase 1 of the Library) is a direct response to one of the most common questions we get from new users:

How do I find QIIME 2 plugins?

We think that the Library will help answer that question by providing a clearinghouse for:

Since no "product launch" is complete without screenshots, we present the following, for your viewing pleasure:

We are still in the process of populating this with plugins (for example, you will find many of your trusted QIIME 2 staples such as q2-diversity aren't up there yet -- stay tuned! :tv:). In the meantime, we ask that plugin developers who have posted to the Community Plugins category on the Forum consider publishing their plugin on the Library --- if you need help please come find us here on the forum. Also, we want to thank all of the developers who helped test this new site out --- thanks for taking the time to publish your plugin!

We are really excited to share this new site with you, and we hope you enjoy it. Please take a moment to look through the site :spider_web: , the roadmap :world_map: , and let us know what you think :brain:!

Keep on QIIMEin'! :sunflower: :qiime2: :sunny:



This is a great addition. I added a plugin but didn’t check the make public button. How do we go back and make it public? I tried resubmitting the plugin with it checked and said that plugin already exists with that name.




Hey @mwang87 - looks like you forgot to include yourself as an author, so it wasn’t letting you back in — I just added you to the plugin author list, so try again, you should be able to see it and edit it now.

Just a small usability note: when I came back to the library page but wasn’t logged in, I had to pretend to create a plugin before it automatically logged me in.


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