QIIME 2.0.6 documentation update

We have posted an update of the QIIME 2.0.6 documentation which includes a lot of new content.

This update adds a plugin index, which is the equivalent of the QIIME 1 script index page. This page lists the QIIME 2 “core distribution” plugins, and the methods and visualizers that are provided by each. (The next release of QIIME 2 will contain parameter-specific help text on these pages and in the interfaces. The framework doesn’t support that at the moment, but it’s currently in development.)

We have also added three new tutorials:

Our installation documentation now includes instructions for performing a native installation and installation using virtual machines (VirtualBox, Amazon Web Services, and Docker).

Finally, we have added a Data Resources page which provides links to data that may be useful to the QIIME 2 community, and a Supplementary Resources page which provides links to educational resources and sequencing protocols that may benefit QIIME 2 users.

If you notice any issues with the docs, or would like to request specific new content, please post to the QIIME 2 docs issue tracker.