q2studio-2019.7 doesn´t recognizes files in working directory


I´m using the latest version of QIIME studio (q2studio-2019.7) and it isn´t recognizing the files on the working directory. Anyone with similar problems? I would appreciate suggestions to solve this issue.



Hi! Are you sure that you have all necessary permissions as an owner in your working directory?

Hello Timanix. Thanks for answering back. I think so - I´m operating in a MacOS Sierra and I´m the administrator…


Just to confirm, @FranciscoC - you are saying that you are changing the Studio’s “Analysis Directory” to some location, and the Artifacts and Visualizations in that location aren’t showing up in the bottom-most panel? Can you please share a screenshot or two (and maybe an ls) to help illustrate what it is you are reporting? Thanks!

Hello thermokarst,

Yes, that is what is happening.

Thank you,


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Click on “Abrir” (Open) — your files should appear in the lower panel once you do.

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