Q2_taxa barplot color settings?

Could you clarify what determines the colors for the taxa barplots? Does it depend on % abundance? The colors for taxa are not consistent between plots I make for subsets of the data based on experimental groups. Is there any way to keep the taxa coloring consistent between plots?

Hi @Mericien_Venzon!

There is no meaning to the colors, they are simply based on the selected color palette, and are applied to the taxons in order of decreasing abundance. For the discrete color palettes, once the last color is used, the first color is cycled in again.

Yes, but just the relative abundance at each taxonomic level.

Unfortunately not - you could however export the plots and use a tool like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to re-color the plots to your liking.

Someday in the future we would like to support per-study color palettes, but that is but a twinkle in this developer's eye... :eye: :star:

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