q2 taxa barplot - collapse rare taxa

Taxonomic classification from complex samples (e.g. soil) contain numerous taxa at very low amounts. Presentation of taxa barplots at various levels results in large legends that can hardly be added to a figure in the main text of a manuscript. Is there a possibility to create a boxplot figure plus legend where rare taxa (e.g. less than one percent of total taxa) are summarized as ‘other’? The full visualization could still go to supplemental info files in the original layout.
Currently, I see only the option to download the raw data as csv and to do it manually, but I assume that it would be easier for a reader if he/she looks at figure in the main text or in the suppl. info files (via view.qiime2.org) that have similar layouts.

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Hi @arwqiime,
Thanks for the suggestion! Such an option is not currently available, but we have some open feature requests for that visualizer that essentially accomplish what you are describing. So one day it will be a reality…

Hi @Nicholas_Bokulich,
Great to hear that you have it on your nice-to-have list! Or shoud I say superb-to-have... :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicholas_Bokulich
I was searching for an explanation of the order of taxa in the legend. I assume it is the average relative frequency, which is the sorted in decreasing order, right?

Would it be correct to state in a publication: “Taxonomic groups in the legend are sorted in decreasing order based on the average relative frequency of that group in all samples.”

Yes, that is correct

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