[Q2-Songbird] statistical confirmation of differential rankings

Dear all,
I am trying to learn how to use Songbird for microbiome analysis, and it seems great! I have a question though.
Suppose I have 20 samples divided among 4 categories, and I need to test for the differential abundances of features across these categories. I used Songbird through its QIIME2 implementation and, after tinkering with the parameters to get a good fitting, the plugin yields interesting rankings which I’d like to check for their significance. One of the approaches I found useful for re-test the significance of the differences was the following: select a % of the differentially-abundant features using Qurro, recover the differential rankings associated with these features, calculate the CLR between numerator and denominator features for each category in my model and test for significance with an ANOVA/PERMANOVA test elsewhere. Would it be correct?
CCing @mortonjt who suggested to post my question here on the forums for a better discussion.
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Just in case this wasn’t clear before, I answered this question on the github issue tracker : https://github.com/biocore/songbird/issues/143

I recommended @tenguzame to post here in order to facilitate discussion (and save the issue tracker for bugs / issues with running Songbird).