q2-sample-classifier metatable filters out columns with only unique values


I am generating a feature table from a dataset of (fluorescence-based) cytokine values from patient samples so I can generate a heatmap of it and see how the patient samples cluster by cytokine profile (ie, as opposed to microbiome). My problem is I lose a lot of columns because the command also filters out columns with only unique values. I wanted to ask why this is so, considering these are continuous variables and it’s likely to get all-unique values for a given column?

As alternative I am considering importing the TSV cytokine table as a QZA feature table and use this as input for generating the heatmap instead–is this all right?

Thank you!

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Hi @ange,

Thanks for catching this! This sounds like unintended behavior and will be fixed in a future release of QIIME 2.

For now the best approach is to do as you are suggesting:

Thank you!

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