Q2-metabolomics plugin to import metabolomics data for analysis in qiime2

q2-metabolomics is a tool to import metabolomics data into qiime2 to perform analysis. This is accomplished in one of three ways:

  1. Given mzXML/mzML mass spectrometry files, MS2 spectrum count is generated by automatically analyzing data with GNPS (gnps.ucsd.edu) and outputs feature table qza
  2. Already analyzed with molecular networking in GNPS, import given a task identifier outputting a feature table qza
  3. Mass spectrometry MS1 features integrated with mzmine2 and outputting a feature table qza

q2-metabolomics: https://github.com/mwang87/q2_metabolomics

Installing q2-metabolomics

conda install -c mwang87 q2-metabolomics

Checkout out more extensive readme for examples and tutorial!

Let us know if there are any issues, suggestions, or any feedback.



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