q2-fondue 'get-all' error for sequences

I am attempting to use the 'get-all' command to and continue to get the following message:

Plugin error from fondue:

** Neither single- nor paired-end sequences could be downloaded. Please check your accession IDs.**

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-im4c2f82.log

Any thoughts?

Hi @Ms-Tai ,
Welcome to the forum!

Assuming that you have valid accession IDs (e.g., check the SRA website to confirm), the problem is most likely a transient connection or server-side issue. You can try again later to see if you have success.

I think you are maybe working with @SoilRotifer (I assume so because he reported the same error message in a direct message). In that case, we confirmed that was a transient issue and I think he got it working in the end.


Thank you for your response! Yes, Dr. Robeson successfully assisted me in diagnosing and correcting the issue.