Proportion plot using QIIME2 script

Hi there,
I got this image using Qiime2 script . it is by using level 6 . I don't know how to get information about s_ as there are a lot of s_ in this figure. Is there any way we can export the data? I want to determine the differential abundance between fast and slow. Is there any other script that I can use to do this.

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You can use ANCOM for this β€” see the moving pictures tutorial for examples.

Try the taxa-level parameter. I am not the developer of this plugin, and that parameter is not well documented, but my guess is it alters how much taxonomic information is provided. You can check out the help docs for this action with the command

qiime gneiss balance-taxonomy

Those features probably have genus-level or other taxonomic labels β€” it just so happens that the closest match for those features has an empty species label in your reference database (greengenes).

I hope that helps!

Thanks Nicholas,
I will try to run with other taxonomic levels.

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