Producing this differential abundance visualization.

How can I make this kind of a figure after a differential abundance analysis by QIIME2?
Is it possible? I think this figure is easy to understand.

Here is the link of the original article.

Thank you!

@Jee-Woong_Choi, you might checkout this thread for more discussion about differential abundance analyses in QIIME 2. Improving our tool kit for differential abundance work is on our list of things to get done this year, though not sure exactly when that will happen :grimacing:.

I wish I had more helpful input here, but I am not a statistician, maybe @mortonjt would have some better suggestions? I think at this point we just have ANCOM and q2-gneiss, as documented in our plugin workflow page.

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Thanks for your reply.
I think this figure should be made by R or R with QIIME2.

The figure is very comprehensive and intuitive.
I really want to know how to make the chart like this :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I made similar graphics with ggplot2 in R; but if you want to use an easier tool, I used to make it in flourish


@kevin_SalOrt, thanks for other suggestions for @Jee-Woong_Choi!